Trustworthy She Is Not

Do you know someone whom you think can be a good friend, but later on you realized he or she’s just a backstabbing bitch?¬†Excuse me for my French. ūüôā I am asking because I know one.

I¬†am struggling to find a friend, a confidante, because I have trust issues. I don’t trust easily. I have¬†lost faith in humanity because I see treachery, disloyalty, unfaithfulness, duplicity, false-heartedness, and deception firsthand and I have seen a lot of movies about betrayals and deceits. Everybody just wants to be somebody other than being trustworthy, to advance themselves further regardless of who’s gonna get hurt along the way.

In a country where being friendly is not everyone’s priority, it is really hard to find a friend. So when¬†I was on my lowest point and wanted to resign from my position, a colleague in sheep’s clothing approached me and offered some help. I thought she was genuine.

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Trouble in Paradise

There were¬†some shocking events at my work in the past few days. Our supervisor resigned. She applied for another position in another department, same company. I guess she could no longer handle the stress. She was handling a growing number of employees, and she had a lot of tasks aside from supervising us. She’s able to neutralize our situation. Our project¬†is new, not even a year-old yet, and because of her knowledge and skills with the tool we’re using, she’s able to contribute and helped us learn it the fast way.

Now that she’s gone, another supervisor is tasked to handle us. That is not the problem as she’s an approachable, kindhearted, and good leader. The problem is our country lead was¬†assigned to another¬†area. We’ve been told the position was offered to her as she has more advanced IT skills and she knows the tool more than anyone else so she can help a lot, she can help solve the existing issues. Because of her transfer, she appointed her close friend and seatmate to be the new country lead, which angers another colleague because he was our trainer. He was next to the previous country lead when it comes to seniority or longevity. He trained all of us, and the fact that he was not even considered for the job he got so furious and jealous and betrayed.

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Artist – a Spektrum glasses

Artist glasses
Photo credit: Spektrum Glasses

If your work requires you to spend more hours in front of a computer, if you are a mobile gamer who spends day and/or night playing with your computer, if you are into social media that you spend too much time with your devices (smartphones or tablets), or if you are a binge-watcher who enjoys watching TV series almost non-stop, your eyes are at risk of getting destroyed too soon due to the blue light that the devices are releasing.

To read what blue lights can do to your eyes, click here: The Effects of Blue Lights.

Your eyes are very important. It is one of the five important senses that should be taken care of. You don’t want to lose your eyesight, do you?

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Troubles at Work


 “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

It is one of the quotes that my favorite teacher in high school shared to us. It is one of the sayings that’s easy to memorize, easy to spell out, does not need to be written down, and does not need to spend a lot of hours to figure out what it means.

At a young age, it meant nothing to me. It’s just a quote, a funny one, because of Jack. Why the name needs to be Jack, right? (grinning)

In the past, I heard the adults saying the words “burnout,” “stressed,” “the work is very stressful,” “I’m done,” “I want to quit my job,” etc. These words for a young mind were nothing. They didn’t make sense.

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Understanding Your German Payslip


If you live and work in Germany and have difficulty understanding your payslip, I may be able to help you. Let’s see.

The German payroll is determined by federal labor laws and collective or company agreements. It is based on a monthly salary, and the allowances and bonuses are determined by collective or company agreements.

Here are the information you can find on your payslip:

1. Personal information

You can find it in the top right-hand corner of the payslip. It consists of the following:

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