The Stolen Years – a Love-and-Tragedy Story


It is the English title of a Chinese movie. The first few scenes were about a couple (named Yu and Mann) who likes to film themselves while traveling, eating, driving, etc. They were so sweet and so full of love for each other. They just got married.

One time she asked him to kiss her while they were on a motorcycle driving somewhere. She was filming their trip and was insistent so he turned his head to kiss her but then they met an accident.

The next scene was in a hospital. She woke up. And the first thing she looked for was her husband. Her sister was surprised because they were divorced so she told her about it. She was surprised as she thought she just woke up from the motorcycle accident, which happened during their honeymoon. But, she woke up from another accident (a car one which would be revealed later on in the movie) which she couldn’t recall.

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An Unusual Love Story


Hello, readers. Since it is Holy Week, I will tell you a story. It is not my story. It is a story of a netizen, who does not want to divulge his identity. After reading his story, you will understand why. ­čśë

He shared his story on a Facebook page that’s being shared by one of my Facebook friends. It was written in Cebuano as he comes from the Philippines, in the Visayas area.

Here comes his incredible story:

Due to poverty, our antagonist couldn’t go to college, finish a degree, and work in a prestigious firm where he needs to wear a business attire everyday. Instead, after high school, he got a job in a Funeral Homes as an embalmer. Embalming dead bodies is something he did on a daily basis for 3 years. Injecting formalin and beautifying the dead corpse were part of his job.

Sometimes when he and his colleagues felt hungry, they just ate in front of the dead bodies. It became normal for them. They didn’t feel the urge to throw up anymore.

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