Real Madrid vs. Barcelona

RM vs Barca

While watching the El Clasico last Saturday, some players of Real Madrid tried to injure Messi, tried their best to avoid him from scoring. They intentionally or unintentionally hit him, to the point where he’s down and bleeding.

I thought to myself, is it worth it? Do they feel happy seeing an opponent going down? Seeing someone bleeding? Is it because of the money or is it because of the pressure. They are Real Madrid. They are expected to win. But so as Barcelona. With millions of fans watching and with a lot of money at stakes, obviously winning was the target, no matter whose bones got broken.

I find it wrong, especially because a player can be sold to another club, which can be the opponents’ club which is rarely happening though. Why don’t they just play and be a good sport. May the best club win without needing to injure someone.

But well, it’s just my opinion. And they don’t care about it.