I was wide awake at 01:00. I was binge-watching Las Chicas del Cable, but had to stop and turn off the TV coz my husband needed to sleep. He needed to work the next day (Saturday) as there’s no work on Monday.

I asked if I can read until I feel sleepy and he said yes. So I planned to read The Broker by John Grisham (the 9th book from him). I finished reading Playing for Pizza the other night, and it was interesting I didn’t sleep until I reached the last page. I can finally spell Buongiorno after reading it 😄 (heard it a lot of times at work but didn’t bother how it’s spelled), and because of the novel, I am kind of interested on what’s the real life in a small village or city in Italy. How the author described Parma and the real Italian people really captivated me.

Hopefully I can go to Tuscany (because of the  movie Under the Tuscan Sun) or to the Almafi Coast (saw a Youtube video about it) someday (when there’s enough savings). I was in Milan, Lake Como, and Rome. I would like to explore the other cities.

Anyway, I had a photo that was taken in Rome, in the hotel where we stayed for 5 nights. The building was previously a factory, but it seems it didn’t work so they converted to a hotel. There were lots of rooms and empty hallways that made it a bit scary, but I still tried to pose like a pro (joke). 😊😀

My husband told me about the CCTV right after the picture-taking so probably the Italians in-charge were laughing or giggling while watching me (because the photo was only one of many: take 1, take 2 until take 30). 😊😁



Hello Visitors of My Blog!

I am das kleine Genie (the little genius). I was born in March in the middle of a war zone. I’d like to think there is a parallel world, that there is another me in there, and that I’d like to meet her (this is all because of Fringe). LOL

Sometimes I think what life would be if I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Maybe I spent my college days in Harvard or Cambridge. Maybe I am a hacker, a professional photographer, or a psychiatrist. Or I can be a drug addict spending my days in rehab or I can be a brat and mean.

I used to have a 20-20 vision. Now I have to use eyeglasses to see everything clearly.

I’m an emotional person. I cry when I get hurt, and I get angry when someone or something annoys me. However, I am a patient person. I don’t make verbal or physical fights. I stay cool even my chest wanna burst out from anger.

I get excited when I see a beautiful view or landmark I never dreamed I can see in person or when I learn something new.

My biggest fear is getting bad news about my family or my husband because they are the most important people in my life.

I live in the middle of Europe, and I like it so much because it is easy for me to visit the other neighboring countries.

I like shopping shoes and bags. It is probably because I could not afford to buy them when I was younger. I also like taking pictures. I currently have around 54,000 photos. Not all are taken by me though, but I collect them. Some are selfies; pictures on my wedding; pictures of my families, friends, and relatives; pictures of random things and people; and of course travel pictures. I like to travel. I like to be a tourist to another place. If only I have a lot of money, I will travel around the world and see all the things that God created and all the things that are man-made.

I have few friends. Few real ones are enough, but I am willing to find new ones. I believe it does not matter how long we know each other. What matters is how we value the friendship.

My husband is not only a partner in life but also a best friend, a soulmate, a playmate, a travel buddy, and sometimes an enemy. The best decision we’ve got so far is living in Europe, because it is easy for us to travel to other famous cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, etc. and the economy here is better.

I love watching movies and TV series; actually I signed up with Netflix though I am a bit disappointed with how less movies and TV series they offer. My favorite TV series are Fringe, Psych, White Collar, Bates Motel, Grand Hotel, and Breaking Bad, and I am beginning to love Devious Maids. My favorite movies are Avatar and The Notebook. I don’t have a favorite song, but I like to listen to love songs.

I like Taylor Swift. Though she has a lot of bashers because she cannot stick to one man, but I believe she’s just looking for the ONE. I like her because she is very smart and spontaneous. Besides she is a great song writer and can earn millions out of writing songs. Not all at her age can do it.

Lastly, I don’t trust people so easily. I observe the people around me. I associate with those who, I find, have good hearts. I distance myself to those who gossip. I think they cannot be trusted.

Anyway, thank you very much for reading. I hope you will keep coming back. 😉