How Facebook Makes You Unhappy


I first learned about Facebook in 2007. One of my closest friends invited me to join or sign up. At that time, Friendster was quite popular. Myspace as well. But, Yahoo Messenger was dominating the chatting/messaging world.

I signed up and tried to invite my work colleagues. I had even a contest with another colleague I invited: Who between the two of us could get more Facebook friends in a short period of time would win.

Of course he won. He knew a lot of people. He was a part-time make-up artist and had a lot of clients, plus he was quite popular at school as his Mama was a teacher. It was a fun game though.

Anyway right now, most of the Facebook users are unhappier and lonelier. Based on my Facebook friends’ posts, some bragged about what they have or where they were, for example, what new expensive things they just bought, what brand they’re wearing, where outside the country they currently are, etc.

Those who are less fortunate who cannot afford expensive stuffs would feel depressed and lonely. Social comparison is the main cause. Therefore, I could see bitter posts, critical posts, cryptic posts, etc. If it is too much for some, they will stop following you or interacting with you.

Facebook is supposedly a social networking site. The purpose of it is for everyone to get the chance to interact with each other regardless of where they are in the world or in the country or in the city. When hanging out, have a drink, or dining in a restaurant or fast-food is not possible due to busy schedules, everyone can still update each other and have a great conversation by exchanging comments. But this is not the case anymore for some.

Just an example. Singles would feel jealous to friends who are in a relationship because of the sweet photos, photos of chocolates or bouquet of flowers received, and photos of dinner dates posted on Facebook. Hashtag relationship goals. Hashtag couple goals. Hashtag forever. Hashtag love. Sounds familiar?

Another example is traveling to other countries or other islands. Beautiful travel photos are all over Facebook. The album has more than 100 photos. Who would check all 100 photos? Hashtag wanderlust. Hashtag blessed. Hashtag travels. Hashtag happiness. Those who are working hard but the salary is not enough for traveling abroad or somewhere would feel jealous.

Another example, couples who tried to have a baby but unfortunately cannot have or still trying to have but it may take time. So when opening their Facebook accounts and see a lot of baby pictures or pregnancy photos, they would feel jealous and lonely. It is sad but this happens. So the tendency is the person will stop using Facebook or will unfollow those that made her unhappy. Worst, some will suffer depression. It will be social interaction no more.

Not all get jealous though as some are naturally happy and would not feel envy.

To avoid being unhappy, limit yourself from using Facebook. It is better to interact with your friends and family in person. Or when it is not possible to interact in person, avoid comparing yourself and your social status with anyone. We have all our time to shine. Feel contented with what you have.


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