Books I Have Read

Reading an English book from cover to cover has always been my aim or part of my to-do list that I thought would never happen.

When I was in high school, I read Filipino romance novels. I could finish reading two or three in a day because the number of pages for each was normally up to 140 or 150.

The writers did not really write much. They did not like to stretch the story or maybe it was a requirement for publication.

Love stories. Who would not like to read love stories? I would borrow the novels from classmates or schoolmates and return when done or pass to another classmate or schoolmate until the whole class or school read them.

We could not afford to buy and good thing borrowing was common instead of renting.

It was different in college. It was not for free. For you to read one, you need to buy or rent so I stopped reading, unless a boarding housemate or roommate rented one and let us read before she would return it.

There were a lot of English novels in the library. Super a lot. But I was not interested. English novels gave me headaches. Just by checking how many pages, I would directly gave up, especially because I had to study my lessons. I didn’t have enough time for reading a novel, and I didn’t like to read a few pages now and then a few pages later until the novel is done.

I had English grammar books, political science books, accounting books, history books, etc. that we were required to purchase, but I couldn’t read from cover to cover. They were too much for me. I only read what was needed to be read for the next day’s discussion or exam.

After college, I got a job as a proofreader. I had to read hundred of pages of articles every day to check the grammar, spelling, syntax, etc. that I couldn’t remember what I was reading and I couldn’t learn from them. They were too much for my small brain (grinning), and we needed to be fast to finish a lot in a day.

Now that I moved in another country and have a lot of spare time, I finally got the time to read. I have a favorite writer, and I think everyone’s favorite: Mr. John Grisham. Here are so far the books I’ve read cover to cover from him. He has I think 26 fiction novels, so hopefully I will finish all this year. That is my target.










The current one I am reading and trying to finish is The Broker. It is a very interesting book.




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