Trustworthy She Is Not

Do you know someone whom you think can be a good friend, but later on you realized he or she’s just a backstabbing bitch? Excuse me for my French. 🙂 I am asking because I know one.

I am struggling to find a friend, a confidante, because I have trust issues. I don’t trust easily. I have lost faith in humanity because I see treachery, disloyalty, unfaithfulness, duplicity, false-heartedness, and deception firsthand and I have seen a lot of movies about betrayals and deceits. Everybody just wants to be somebody other than being trustworthy, to advance themselves further regardless of who’s gonna get hurt along the way.

In a country where being friendly is not everyone’s priority, it is really hard to find a friend. So when I was on my lowest point and wanted to resign from my position, a colleague in sheep’s clothing approached me and offered some help. I thought she was genuine.

I confided to her the reason of my unhappiness when at work. I was bullied by my two colleagues. They like to throw verbal insults directly or indirectly, and I am not the kind of person who fights back so they continued, and it made me unhappy being at work. I got unlucky seating beside pricks.

I was very excited and happy that someone paid attention and noticed the bullying. She talked to me, even offered her phone number, asking me to inform her right away as soon as I feel threatened. It was a very nice gesture.

Later on I realized, she just wants to collect my thoughts so that she can share it to her group. Her intentions weren’t so we can be good friends. She is just curious about me. And, I got so excited to find someone whom I can potentially be considered a friend that I shared too much information. Too much information that can be used against me later on when things get nastier.

Lesson learned: Don’t share too much when feeling excited. Not all wolves look like wolves. Some are in sheep’s clothing, ready to attack you and eat you alive.


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