Trouble in Paradise

There were some shocking events at my work in the past few days. Our supervisor resigned. She applied for another position in another department, same company. I guess she could no longer handle the stress. She was handling a growing number of employees, and she had a lot of tasks aside from supervising us. She’s able to neutralize our situation. Our project is new, not even a year-old yet, and because of her knowledge and skills with the tool we’re using, she’s able to contribute and helped us learn it the fast way.

Now that she’s gone, another supervisor is tasked to handle us. That is not the problem as she’s an approachable, kindhearted, and good leader. The problem is our country lead was assigned to another area. We’ve been told the position was offered to her as she has more advanced IT skills and she knows the tool more than anyone else so she can help a lot, she can help solve the existing issues. Because of her transfer, she appointed her close friend and seatmate to be the new country lead, which angers another colleague because he was our trainer. He was next to the previous country lead when it comes to seniority or longevity. He trained all of us, and the fact that he was not even considered for the job he got so furious and jealous and betrayed.

Our new country lead is smart, I can say that. She is witty, she can handle stressful tasks. She can directly response when asked about difficult questions, which is good. Unlike the previous country lead, she does not care much. She’ll do whatever she can; if it fails or she cannot deliver, she will not cry or feel disappointed and pressured. She’ll say she tried her best, but it is not possible to achieve it in time whatsoever.

Our angry colleague stopped talking to everyone. He’s pissed and going mental. He talked to himself. He walked like he wanted to punch someone. He felt he deserved to have the position, and questioned why it was not offered to him or why there was no announcement of an open position so he can apply, get interviewed, so on and so forth.

What he didn’t know is he’s very erroneous. He made a lot of mistakes. He screwed up a lot of stuffs. The problem was, no one informed him about it. We just fixed his mistakes, but the former country lead and supervisor never informed him so he thought he did everything right. He always thinks he is good, that he is competent, and that all higher ups like him. He even bragged to everyone the card he received from the higher ups for a job well done. The thing is there is nothing special with the job he did. Everyone could have done it as well and could receive that card. The only difference is, he’s the one who processed it.

In the next few days, there will be a very bad air at work. I don’t think there will be heated arguments that’s gonna happen, but there will be silent treatments. So we will see…

Stay tuned… 😉



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