Thank You

thank you

Two most powerful words…

As Andrew Merle defines it from his post How to Have an Attitude of Gratitude on Huffpost, “An attitude of gratitude means making it a habit to express thankfulness and appreciation in all parts of your life, on a regular basis, for both the big and small things alike.”

Some people have a habit of expressing their appreciation while some get used to the help, the gifts, or favor that they can no longer appreciate it anymore.

Say thank you all the time. Say it to the waiter or waitress who brings you your food or drinks. Say it to the bus driver who stops and opens the bus door for you. Say it to your parents who brought you into this world. Say it to your boss who gave a very good recommendation so you can get a job easily. Say it to your older sister or brother who helped you finish your studies. Say it to a stranger who holds the door as you are walking into a building. Say it to someone who lends you money. Say it to your friend who invited you to a dinner. Say it to someone who gave you a gift. Say it a lot but mean it every time.

Being grateful is costless. Saying Thank You is free, but it needs to come from your heart so that you can spread positivity and happiness to the person who helped you.


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