A Long Distance Relationship That Didn’t Last

broken heart

A young couple declared their love for each other on social media, mostly on Facebook because the other one uses free data.

Their respective families, friends, relatives, classmates, schoolmates, colleagues at work, neighbors, acquaintances, and others were witnesses to their immense love for each other.

The girl would post about how she misses him. How she wished he’s there hugging and kissing her, instead of talking to each other on Skype or Messenger. The guy would then post about how he loves her so much and if only she’s with him in a desert country but promises financial stabilization and wonderful future.

Every monthsary, each would then post greeting each other that they’re already together for 65 months, then 100 months, then 130 months, and so on. Facebook friends would then hit the like button or choose the heart or wow icon.

But suddenly she ended the relationship. And each posted it on Facebook. The Facebook friends are asking what is going on. Some were on her side, while the others tried to console him. “Drink it out, dude.” one commented. You can see a lot of crying emoticon. Some were too dumb to click the Like icon.

The guy then posted: She said any kind of alibis just to break up with me. What a horrible thing to hear from her. And she seems happy with breaking up with me. Then a sad or crying emoticon.

The girl then posted as a response: I know it is hard to accept but this is the reality. The relationship is over. Lots of sad or crying emoticons. Then the next day, she posted: I know it is very painful but I have to eat. Thank you for all your concerns. I have no appetite but I need to be healthy. Even though the food does not taste good, I am going to eat guys. Don’t worry about me.

Oh dear, so funny to read all their posts. Now the latest is, he blocked her. And we get to know it coz she posted about it.

Commitment. Love. Loyalty. These are very important in a long distance relationship. If you are not committed to the relationship, you won’t take it seriously. You will be tempted to enjoy a wink from someone near you. You will tend to consider looking for another man or woman who is closer and can be seen everyday, every week, … If you truly love someone, regardless of the distance you can make it work.

We are already in the era where you can contact your loved ones who live in the other side of the world for free. Messenger, Skype, Viber, Line, and other messaging services offer calling or video calling for free as long as you have an Internet connection. You just need to hold on to each other, until the long distance is over.



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