Why Intelligent People Have Fewer Friends?

How many friends do you have? Ten, five, two, one, or none? If less to none, it is either you are very intelligent or just a prick.

Studies show that average people have more friends than those intelligent ones. Can you guess why? Well, it is simply because they tend to seek emotional support and attention from others, or they simply have lust for popularity like wanting to have more followers on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Some even find happiness when their photos posted on social media got a lot of likes or positive comments. Can you imagine that? They are happier when they spend time with friends. They feel emotionally secure when they are in a group.

Intelligent people, on the other hand, feel happy and contented being alone. Books are mostly their companions, their best friends. They feel lonely when being with others who don’t share the same interests. It is said that opposite poles attract, but this does not apply to them. They can easily connect with people who share the same passion, who share the same views of the world, who share the same interest. They struggle to connect with people who have low intelligence, because they are more of a thinker and skeptical about others.

Less intelligent people tend to talk about other people (gossip here and gossip there), talk about nonsense stuffs, which bore the hell out of the intelligent ones. Taking selfies, twofies, or groupies to post on social media is what mostly the average mortals do, which the geniuses find awkward and unnecessary.

So where do you belong?


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