Thirty-Day Visa-Free Entry to the Philippines


It seems there is a slight change in the number of days that Germans and other nationals from 157 countries can stay in the Philippines visa free.

As far as I remember, it was 59 days as my husband was able to stay for 59 days before a visa extension was needed.

So I researched and found out that the change started in 2013. If you are a German or from another country, you can visit the Philippines for 30 days and less without needing a visa.

You can check the full list of countries where its nationals may enter the Philippines visa free by clicking here.


For a visit of 30 days or less, you only need to fulfill two requirements:

  1. Passport. Your passport should be valid 6 months beyond your arrival date in the Philippines.
  2. Return or outbound ticket. You need to have a return ticket or an outbound ticket to another country of destination.

For example, if your plan is to visit the Philippines for 30 days and then fly back home right after, you should have a return ticket.

If your plan is to visit the Philippines and then go to other countries before flying back home, you should have an outbound ticket to your next country of destination.

When is the start of the 30-day period?

The count of the 30 days starts on the day after your arrival in the Philippines. For example, if you arrive on the 1st of November 2016, you must depart the Philippines on or before the 1st of December 2016.

Do you plan a longer stay than 30 days?

In case you would like to spend more than 4 weeks in the Philippines, you will have to get an extension (permit to stay) from the Bureau of Immigration. You can go to the central office or to regional offices before your 30 days are up.


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