The Stolen Years – a Love-and-Tragedy Story


It is the English title of a Chinese movie. The first few scenes were about a couple (named Yu and Mann) who likes to film themselves while traveling, eating, driving, etc. They were so sweet and so full of love for each other. They just got married.

One time she asked him to kiss her while they were on a motorcycle driving somewhere. She was filming their trip and was insistent so he turned his head to kiss her but then they met an accident.

The next scene was in a hospital. She woke up. And the first thing she looked for was her husband. Her sister was surprised because they were divorced so she told her about it. She was surprised as she thought she just woke up from the motorcycle accident, which happened during their honeymoon. But, she woke up from another accident (a car one which would be revealed later on in the movie) which she couldn’t recall.

She lost 5 years. She couldn’t recall the last 5 years of her life. She thought it was 2007, but it was already 2012. When she got better, she went back to their marital home. She asked for his ex-husband’s help to remember. She wanted to know why they got divorced when she is in love with him. He let her stay in their place as he pitied her for her amnesia.

Later on it was revealed to her why the relationship didn’t work out. She changed when she got promoted. She became difficult to deal with; she became a different person. She was too busy. She spent more time at work than with him. So he went out drinking and flirting to get her attention, but then she thought he was cheating which led her to cheat on him with her psychiatrist. When the marriage could not be saved anymore, they agreed to sign the divorce papers and part ways.

She asked for forgiveness for the pain she had caused to him. He forgave her and ended his relationship with his girlfriend and got back with her. They had a happy relationship at work and at home. One day, they went to the hospital for a checkup. The doctor tested her memory, and there they could see that she had a problem. She couldn’t remember what was discussed a few minutes ago so they decided to have her brain scanned and the doctor discovered that she had an Alzheimer’s disease or dimentia.

Her condition got worst day by day that sometimes she could not remember if she brushed her teeth already or not yet, she could not recall if she already took a bath so she took a bath multiple times a day; nevertheless, his love got stronger and stronger so he decided to propose again. The proposal was very romantic. All the people in their lives danced in front of her before he walked towards her to pop the question. She obviously said yes.

One day, she left to visit her sister. At least that was what he knew. But then he got a call that she’s in a hospital having a brain surgery. He was so upset as he was not informed and he didn’t like her to have the surgery as it’s too risky. Her sister gave him a phone where he could find a recording she made before the surgery.

Here’s what he could hear from the recording that is so touching:

Yu, don’t blame my sister, or yourself. It is my decision. I know the surgery is risky. The success rate is only 20%. But 20% is enough. Because I promised myself. For you, I must get better. That night, I knew it may be the last time I see you. But I am not afraid. I am not afraid of dying. I am only afraid, you never get the happiness you deserve. If the operation fails, you must not be despair. Because I wanted you to know you have made me the happiest woman in the world. In this lifetime, I have no regrets. I love you. Forever and ever.

As expected though, the surgery didn’t go well. She woke up but couldn’t move her body: from her neck down to her feet was paralyzed. It’s killing her seeing him trying to hide the pain he’s feeling looking at her. She tried to kill herself but the doctors and nurses were fast enough to save her, but her condition got worsen where the doctors planned to amputate her legs so she begged him to let her go, to let her die as she won’t get better anyway. With heavy heart, he agreed as he couldn’t stand looking at her suffering any longer.

If you are a hopeless romantic, you should not miss watching it. It is a very touching love and tragedy story. You can watch it on Netflix if you are in Germany.


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