How to get the Problem Steps Recording (PSR)

Do you know that you can record what you’re doing on the web? Do you know that a screen recorder exists? If you are a techy person, this is not a surprise for you. But if you are a normal user, this may help you.

If you have a problem with your laptop or personal computer and you want to contact a support professional to ask for assistance fixing the issue and they ask you to provide a steps recording so that they can check where the problem starts, you can use a Problem Steps Recorder (PSR).

A PSR or simply a Steps Recorder is a program that can help you troubleshoot a problem on your computer by recording the steps you took when the problem occurred.

How to get it? It is very simple. Please feel free to follow the steps below:

1. There are two ways to open the Steps Recorder:

a. Type Steps Recorder in the search bar near the Start icon and click the Steps Recorder app


b. Press the Windows key near Alt key and the letter R all together and type psr.exe


2. Once the Steps Recorder appears, you can directly click the Start Record or you can check the settings by clicking the drop-down button next to the question mark icon and click Settings


3. You can then check if you need to have the screen capture enable or not. When you choose Yes, it means everything that appears in your screen will be captured so if screenshots are needed, you need to make sure that there are no sensitive data that are shown like passwords, credit card numbers, or bank accounts. If you will choose No, only the support engineers can understand what steps are being taken.


4. Once you have clicked Ok, you can then click Start Record so you can start recording the steps and make sure to save it after.


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