Artist – a Spektrum glasses

Artist glasses
Photo credit: Spektrum Glasses

If your work requires you to spend more hours in front of a computer, if you are a mobile gamer who spends day and/or night playing with your computer, if you are into social media that you spend too much time with your devices (smartphones or tablets), or if you are a binge-watcher who enjoys watching TV series almost non-stop, your eyes are at risk of getting destroyed too soon due to the blue light that the devices are releasing.

To read what blue lights can do to your eyes, click here: The Effects of Blue Lights.

Your eyes are very important. It is one of the five important senses that should be taken care of. You don’t want to lose your eyesight, do you?

If it cannot be avoided to spend more hours with your gadgets, you can at least protect your eyes by having the right glasses for you.

Nowadays, there are a lot of glasses offered in the market: with magnification or not. What you need to do is choose the right product/brand that can really protect you from having damaged eyes.

What I am going to share to you is the Artist glasses from Spektrum. Spektrum offers glasses that block 50% or up to 99% blue light.

Artist glasses_1
Photo credit: Spektrum Glasses

This Artist glasses blocks only 50%, but it is already enough to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light. What is good with this one is its design. Your style will never be compromised. It looks sleek, very stylish. You will not look like a geek.

This glasses has the following coatings:

  • anti-scratch coating
  • anti-reflective coating
  • anti-screen flicker and anti-glare coating
  • anti-fog coating
  • fingerprint-resistant anti-oil coating
  • electromagnetic ray blocking coating

What are you waiting for? Avail now, buy for yourself. Protect your eyes from damaging blue lights. Visit Spektrum Glasses to order.


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