An Unusual Love Story


Hello, readers. Since it is Holy Week, I will tell you a story. It is not my story. It is a story of a netizen, who does not want to divulge his identity. After reading his story, you will understand why. ­čśë

He shared his story on a Facebook page that’s being shared by one of my Facebook friends. It was written in Cebuano as he comes from the Philippines, in the Visayas area.

Here comes his incredible story:

Due to poverty, our antagonist couldn’t go to college, finish a degree, and work in a prestigious firm where he needs to wear a business attire everyday. Instead, after high school, he got a job in a Funeral Homes as an embalmer. Embalming dead bodies is something he did on a daily basis for 3 years. Injecting formalin and beautifying the dead corpse were part of his job.

Sometimes when he and his colleagues felt hungry, they just ate in front of the dead bodies. It became normal for them. They didn’t feel the urge to throw up anymore.

One normal day, a dead girl was brought to their place. The reason why she died: heart attack.

He and his cousin were assigned to embalm the poor dead girl. Unfortunately, his cousin had an emergency where he needed to go somewhere to pick up something, so he’s left alone. He, the dead girl, and another dead old man.

He looked at the girl. She looked like she’s not dead. She looked like she’s just in a deep sleep. And she looked very beautiful, he felt sorry for her.

While preparing himself for the embalming process, he couldn’t avoid to look at her. The more he stared at her, the more she looked like she’s just sleeping and he felt something. He felt aroused that his hands started touching her. Minutes later he found himself on top of her and I wouldn’t say made love with her but gently raped her. Once he’s done, he felt so guilty. He felt sorry for what he did. He prayed, apologized to her for what he just did. He felt embarrassed. He talked to the dead old man saying, “if you were watching what I just did, please forgive me.”

While his face was in his hands, he suddenly heard something. The woman breathed so hard and sat up. He was so horrified he thought maybe he was punished too soon. He thought maybe he was hallucinating. He ran outside and told his colleagues that the dead girl moved.

The colleagues went to the room to check, while he stayed outside still in shock. His colleagues called her family telling them she’s alive.

When the family arrived, they were so happy. It was a miracle. They asked how it happened. The colleagues told them that a colleague was supposed to embalm her, but she moved. The family asked where he was, so someone asked him to come back to the room.

When he saw her alive, he was trembling, he was so nervous, he was so scared they would find out what he did. He had no plan to tell them what he did because he didn’t want to go to prison.

The family asked the girl what she felt. She said while she was unconscious, she felt like someone had sexed with her.

All looked at him. He had no choice but to tell the truth, to confess. So he told them he raped her and apologized to the family. Suddenly the mother of the girl hugged him and thanked him for what he did. He was stunned. What? What just happened?

The father asked him what he wanted as a reward for saving their daughter’s life. For bringing her back to life actually. There it was revealed to everyone that the family is very rich. And the girl is the sole heir to all that they have.

He told the family he did not want their money. He only needed their forgiveness and if possible they won’t file a rape case.

The family promised not to send him to prison. They instead thanked him for what he did, and they asked the girl what she wanted to say. The girl said: “I want to marry him.”

And they got married and live happily ever after with their 3-year-old son and a baby on the way.


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