The Effects of Blue Lights

What Are Blue Lights?

Blue lights are high-energy visible lights with a wavelength between 450 and 495 nanometers that you can get from smartphones, laptops, netbooks, tablets, desktop monitors, TVs, and electric lights. The exposure arises from light emitting diodes more known for its abbreviation LED.

Nowadays where technology is everywhere, we become more exposed to blue lights. Almost all teenagers and adults own a smartphone; almost all families have computers.

Modern computer devices

What Can Blue Lights Do to Our Health?

Too much exposure to blue lights everyday is somehow not good. This is because it can increase our energy level. We will feel more alert and awake. During daytime, it may be an advantage as it is like a substitute to coffee. We do not need to take in too much caffeine to keep us awake.

However, during nighttime, too much exposure to blue lights can disrupt the circadian rhythm which means we will have trouble sleeping. As blue lights keep us awake, our normal sleeping schedules will be disrupted. We all need to have enough sleep as our body needs to rest after a long day of working or studying. If we lack sleep and this happens everyday, some parts of our body may not function well that can lead to serious illness.

Moreover, blue lights aren’t good for our eyes. Too much exposure can cause eye damage which we don’t want to happen. Our eyes are very important. They are one of the five important senses that we should not lose.


How to Block Blue Lights?

Most of the reasons why we are too exposed to blue lights are because of being on social media, playing computer or mobile phone games, working in front of a computer many hours, or binge watching our favorite TV series on Netflix.

We can try to minimize using our smartphones, tablets, computers, or TVs for health reasons, but if we cannot there are glasses offered in the market that can block 50% or up to 99% blue lights. You can search on the web or go to Amazon to look for these glasses that can protect your eyes from too much exposed of unwanted lights. There are different designs so you do not need to worry as your style will not be compromised.


As they say, prevention is better than cure; therefore, let us try our best to prevent the blue lights from destroying our body, especially our eyes.

Be smart.


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