How to Become a German Citizen by Naturalization


If you like to live in Germany for good (and from time to time visit the country where you came from), you can apply for the German citizenship by naturalization under certain conditions.

Germany is one of the best countries in the world. Therefore, I cannot blame you if you want to live here. When it comes to economy, it is one of the strongest. The law here is being followed. Almost everyone is a law-abiding citizen. Here, you do not need to fence your place to be safe. I cannot say there is no violence, but it is neutralized. Germany is also one of the cleanest countries in the whole world. People prioritize cleanliness. Throwing wastes everywhere is prohibited. You can/will be fined if you are caught.

To become naturalized, you need to submit an application. It is advisable to seek advice first from an authority before submitting an application so that you know what to do or you can prepare all the papers you need.


Every applicant (16 and above) needs to pay 255€ for the naturalization. If you have children below 16, you need to add a fee of 51€ for their naturalization as well. If you have a lot of children and your earning is low, the fee can be reduced or can be paid in installment basis. Those minors who are to be naturalized without their parents need to pay 255€.


The following conditions need to be met to be naturalized:

  1. You have a permanent visa (or other appropriate residence permit) at the time of being naturalized
  2. You have passed the naturalization test (also called the citizenship test). It is a test of your knowledge of the legal and social system, as well as the living conditions in Germany.
  3. You have lived legally in Germany for 8 straight years (this period can be reduced to 7 years if you attend an integration course successfully, and can be reduced to as few as 6 years in the case of special integration measures)
  4. You can support yourself (including your family members entitled to maintenance) without needing help from the state like welfare payments and unemployment benefit II
  5. You have adequate German language skills (read, write, listen, and speak)
  6. You have no criminal records
  7. You declare your allegiance to the German constitution
  8. You have lost or given up your former nationality (there are exceptions with regards to this, depending on your country of origin; please contact the naturalization authority)

If there is one of them that is not met, you cannot be naturalized. However, Discretionary Naturalization is obtainable if some of the basic requirements are met and that there is a public interest to your naturalization that a naturalization authority can agree.


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