Application for lost Philippine passport replacement in Germany


In case you are a Filipino and you lost your passport while traveling around Europe or your bag with the passport in it was stolen, you do not need to panic. Do not worry as you can apply for a replacement. Instead, just chill, breathe, relax.

Here are the requirements that you need to have before going to a Philippine embassy near you:

1. Personal appearance. This is a must because the embassy employee needs to capture your biometric data (photo, signature, fingerprint) to make sure you are who you say you are. The photo taken will be the photo that will appear in your passport. Therefore, as a piece of advice, fix yourself before going inside the embassy so that they can capture the best look in you. Please note that for minors below 18 years old, a legal guardian or a parent’s personal appearance is needed.

2. Duly accomplished passport application form.

3. Affidavit of Loss. You need to include in detail the reason why you lost the passport. You can state that you lost it somewhere, your shoulder or handbag was stolen or snatched, or it fell out of your pocket without your knowledge.

4. Police report. An English translation done by a certified translator is needed.

I wonder why this is needed when all employees in the embassy can understand German. I guess for record purposes only as they may need approval from the headquarter in the Philippines.

5. Photo copy of the lost passport.

It is better to make a copy of your passport as soon as you receive it so that you can provide a copy in case it will be lost.

In case the city or municipality and province of the place of birth are not shown in the passport, you need to submit a birth certificate issued by the National Statistic Office (NSO) and a copy of it.

6. In case of non-availability of passport record, the following needs to be submitted (always the original and a copy):

– NSO-issued birth certificate authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in case you’re born in the Philippines. Report of Birth in case you’re born abroad

– NSO-issued marriage certificate authenticated by the DFA in case you got married in the Philippines. Report of Marriage in case you got married abroad

– IDs with your photo (for example, SSS/GSIS ID, driver’s license, PRC card)

7. Lost passport fee of €157.50 in cash

– €135 for the lost passport

– €22.50 for the Affidavit of Loss

8. You have the option to pick up your new passport or to let them mail it to you. If you prefer the latter, you need to include a self-addressed return envelope with €3.95 in stamps for registered mail.

The Philippine Embassy in Germany is located in Berlin. The exact location is Kurfürstendamm 194, 10707 Berlin, Germany.


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